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Neonatal and Paediatric Retrieval: Hazel Talbot

Hazel Talbot gives her insights from working in neonatal and paediatric retrieval.

She delivers her talk with all the passion and dedication that she brings to her work as a neonatal and paediatric transport consultant.

Equipment failure, rapidly deteriorating children and miscommunication are all common challenges that Hazel and her team encounter in their line of work. This is on top of the challenge of caring for neonates and children.

How are children different? They differ in physiology, in disease profiles and even the way they make clinicians feel!

In this talk, Hazel focuses on physiology and disease. The large majority of young deaths in the UK, where Hazel works, are neonates – under 28 days old.

50% of these deaths are due to perinatal diseases. These include congenital malformations, prematurity, sepsis, and congenital heart conditions.

Children are small adults. Small airways, small necks, small lungs. Babies however are not small children. They use the majority of their physiological ability to survive.

When they breath they use most of their diaphragm, compared with an adult who will only use a small proportion. This leaves babies without much reserve. They have a high metabolic rate, and neonates have a right heart dominance with an inability to change their stroke volume.

Hazel urges you to consider this when faced with a sick baby. When thinking about neonatal and paediatric retrieval, Hazel has some key points. Practice, anticipation and knowing your environment and equipment is key to a success outcome.

Hazel drives this message home with a case presentation. This example highlights not only Hazel’s skill and knowledge, but also her ability of communication, leadership, and intuition.

Join Hazel as she gives an insight into her amazing work in neonatal and paediatric retrieval. Come along as she discusses her experiences and tells you how to ward of the Evil Transport Fairy!

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Hazel Talbot