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Teamwork and Communication in Critical Care: Peter Brindley

Peter Brindley explains why teamwork is the strongest drug in the hospital.

Modern acute care medicine is eye-wateringly complex and potentially dangerous. Medicine cannot be delivered safely without addressing teamwork (in both acute and chronic situations).

Historically, human factors were left to chance and recently, they have been threatened by decerebrate checklists and meaningless ‘psychobabble’.

Peter describes communication and its critical role in the effectiveness of any team. He compares the voice of a team leader to a drug.

Like a drug, it can be a placebo or a nocebo, depending on its use. As such you must use the right drug at the right dose for the right patient and the right time!

Moreover, other forms of communication play an integral part of any team environment. Peter discusses verbal, paraverbal, non-verbal and other forms of communication which all need attention.

Importantly, rudeness alone will decrease both team and individual performance, impair diagnosis and impede procedures.

Peter puts his message in to real world examples. Specifically, Peter discusses the management of airways – especially difficult airways whether that be anatomical, physiological or situation difficulties.

It is crucial that the clinician is understood when communicating. Practical strategies to improve communication and teamwork exist and Peter highlights these in this talk.

We have much to learn but must also avoid overly simple answers to exceedingly complex problems. It’s time to get back to basics.

Come be part of a practical revolution and resuscitate by voice.

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Peter Brindley

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