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Vitamin C: fact or fiction?

In this podcast, Ken Sakurai provides an update on the recent randomised control trials (RCT) for Vitamin C in Sepsis.

The earliest evidence of the importance of Vitamin C in human health and bone growth development comes from Ancient Egypt. Moreover, the earliest clinical trial known in Western Medicine involved Vitamin C as a treatment for Scurvy. It has been two hundred and fifty years since that study but now Vitamin C is back in the spotlight as we consider whether it is an important tool for treating sepsis.

The battle against sepsis continues, with Vitamin C the most recent weapon in our arsenal. Since Prof. Marik’s 2017 trial on metabolic resuscitation, there has been renewed interest in the use of vitamin C.

From observational data we know that Vitamin C deficiency is common, with around half of our patients presenting with a Vitamin C deficiency. Deficiency of Vitamin C is known to be associated with mortality and morbidity. It also plays a crucial role in various processes within the body.

Ken reviews the rationale and pre-clinical evidence for Vitamin C use in treatments, as well as the most recent RCTs for Vitamin C in Sepsis.

From CodaZero Live, tune in to an interesting discussion by Ken Sakurai on Vitamin C: fact or fiction?

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