Trauma Updates

1300 – 1700
Chris Bowles (more to come)
CPD Domains
Clinical Skill & Knowledge

This dynamic group of Trauma clinicians from all over the globe will take you through some of the key aspects of Trauma management, from first response in austere environments through to team-based care in a Major Trauma Centre. We’ll bring you up to speed on core topics such as chest drain insertion and management, haemorrhage control, and real-time Radiology interpretation, as well as looking at the sub-specialised care of Hand and Neuro Trauma. We’ll cover Paediatric and Obstetric Trauma. We’ll address the big psychiatric and social issues in Trauma, as well as Injury Prevention, and the Long Term Outcomes that have such a profound impact on society. Finally, we’ll look to the future of Trauma in Australasia and beyond: the delivery of time-critical interventions in the field, the rise of non-operative management, and the need for team leaders beyond the resus room. This unique workshop will be an unforgettable opportunity to update your trauma knowledge, and is relevant to everyone.

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