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Coming soon to a hospital near you! 3D printing is a revolutionary technology that allows for the creation of objects with complex geometry and anatomy with unprecedented accessibility and ease. By developing anatomical models from patient-specific medical imaging for various treatment applications, medical 3D printing represents the next great leap in personalised medicine. In critical care, there are almost limitless possibilities for this new technology in simulation.

However, current barriers to the widespread adoption of 3D printing in medicine include the lack of expertise among clinicians, the perceived costs and perceived inaccessibility of this technology. In giving this talk, I hope to demystify 3d printing by sharing my step-by-step guide on starting a 3D printing lab, by sharing my experiences and journey with this technology. I’ll show you how you can start a 3D printing lab for less the average critical care physician’s annual coffee budget.

Jasamine Coles-Black

Dr Jasamine Coles-Black is a Vascular Research Fellow at Austin Health, where she is a founding member of 3D Med Lab. She received her Doctor of Medicine from the University of Melbourne in 2016. Her research interests are in the emerging applications of 3D printing in the medical field. To date, she has published numerous articles on the subject. Jas is on a crusade to upskill fellow clinicians in medical 3D printing, and raises the general public’s awareness of the technology via traditional and social media channels.

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