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Healthcare industry is generating 4.6% of the global greenhouse emissions- to put this into perspective, the entire aviation industry is responsible for 4.9% of emissions.

Roger Harris is joined by the incredible Dr Andrea MacNeill, who published multiple studies on the carbon footprint of the healthcare industry, in conversation about moving towards a circular economy where products are designed to be reusable, durable, repurposed and recycled.

With net zero referring to the greenhouse gases, Andrea shares a framework for meaningful action.

Roger Harris

Roger Harris is a senior staff specialist in the intensive care unit at the Royal North Shore hospital and the Sydney Adventist hospital (SAN). He is dual qualified in Emergency Medicine and Intensive Care. Roger is one of the co-founders of SMACC and Coda. He is passionate about education, his five children and especially his beautiful wife Georgie.


Andrea MacNeill

Dr MacNeill is a surgical oncologist at Vancouver General Hospital and the BC Cancer Agency, and a clinical assistant professor at the University of British Columbia. She is also the provincial education coordinator for the BCCA Sarcoma Tumour Group and a founding member of the BCCA Sarcoma Outcomes Unit and the Canadian Abdominal Sarcoma Collaborative.

Dr. MacNeill publishes ground-breaking study on the carbon footprint of surgical suites


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