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Top 10 Critical Care Papers of 2020 by Ed Litton

In this podcast, Ed Litton summarises 10 clinical trials in 10 minutes. Ed invites you to choose, based on the title alone, whether the findings were consistent with, or contrary to, the study hypothesis.

Furthermore, Ed discusses 10 non-covid clinical trials, all published in 2020. Evidently, all of these were published in the New England Journal, JAMA or Lancet and had important findings.

The following hypothesises are discussed:

10. Firstly, the impact of resident physician schedules and the affect on patient safety.

9. Early initiation of renal replacement therapy and whether this improved outcomes for Acute Kidney Injury.

8. Does the implementation of early ECMO improve outcomes for patients with refractory VF and out of hospital cardiac arrest?

7. Then, can a machine learning algorithm reduce hypotensive severity?

6. In mechanically ventilated patients, is an approach of non sedation superior to light sedation?

5. Moreover, in patients who are ready for decannulation, does timing based on the suctioning frequency improve outcomes?

4. Does administering high dose tranexamic acid in patients with upper or lower GI bleeds decrease mortality?

3. Then, does a decreased exposure to vasopressors improve outcomes in older critically ill patients?

2. Will starting Dexmedetomidine at the time of cardiac surgery reduce AF and delirium in patients?

1. Finally, does being conservative with oxygen in patients with ARDS improve outcomes?

Tune in to a talk by Ed Litton as he shares the top 10 papers of 2020 in 10 minutes.

Top 10 Critical Care Papers of 2020 by Ed Litton

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Ed Litton

An intensivist and clinician researcher in Perth, Western Australia