The world has changed, and our medical community is at the front line. We are all being swamped via email, 24 hour newsfeeds and social channels with information (much of it conflicting) around the COVID-19 pandemic. Fortunately, global organisations like WHO, national epidemiological centres and our medical colleges / professional societies are providing practice guidelines to meet the technical needs of the crisis.

Coda, and SMACC before it, have always put an equally strong emphasis on the non-technical aspects of our medical practice. Learning curricula domains such as:

  • Communication and Teamwork
  • Leadership and Management
  • Personal Development and Wellbeing
  • Teaching and Scholarship
  • Social Advocacy

Now, with Coda v COVID we need to know what conversations, information and specific plans, would help you in your practice most. Roger Harris, Mary Freer, Liz Crowe and Jesse Spurr will be hosting regular podcasts, with guest panelists, on the topics you want covered. Let us know below what matters to you, and we will cover it in the next podcast.


    • Surgical mask versus N95 is also what I’d also be keen to hear more about:

      – basic principles and evidence for best protection of staff in high risk areas eg ED/ICU. Trying to save PPE just in case we “run out” is a separate question and should not be a rationale for potentially suboptimal PPE.

      – evidence behind AGP and aerosol generating events eg coughing/sneezing – potential benefit of the use N95 for all COVID patients who are coughing/sneezing rather than focusing on AGP see ACEM guideline.

      I don’t like the assumption that current guidelines are adequate and the implication that a HCW that gets infected/dies contaminated themselves with their doffing/caught it in the community. Raina McIntyre for one, queries the whole unimodal theory of airborne vs droplet paradigm and advocates for N95 over surgical masks for better protection of HCW’s. Keen to hear what others think!

  1. Thank you. Non technical aspects of the job, as listed, now needed more than ever to reassure, keep us safe and balanced. Standardisation across private and public hospitals would go along way too.
    Regarding educational topics may I suggest more on infection prevention and control and microbiology, particularly on what is known of the virus in question?

  2. Would love to hear more around communication in the setting of full PPE, displaying empathy kindness and compassion to our colleagues and patients.
    Thank you CODA 🙏 Your work is amazing!

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